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Tous les utilisateurs de YouVersion peuvent rejoindre un groupe. Les groupes sont établis par des églises, des groupes d'études bibliques et d'autres organisations. Ils vous permettent de rester informé(e) des évènements que ce groupe organise. Vous pouvez faire partie de plusieurs groupes en même temps.

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  • Conway, AR
    1 Membre(s)
    Conway, AR » Church
    Conway, AR
  • Grace Point EFC
    1 Membre(s)
    Grace Point EFC » Church
    Grace Point EFC
  • Concord Trinity UMC
    1 Membre(s)
    Concord Trinity UMC » Church
    Concord Trinity UMC
  • Northwest Baptist Church
    1 Membre(s)
    Northwest Baptist Church » Church
    Northwest Baptist Church
  • Journey Church // Burlington
    1 Membre(s)
    Journey Church // Burlington » Church
    Journey Church is making it easy to find and experience God. Come and worship with us on Sunday at 9:00a or 10:45a!
  • Phos Community Church
    1 Membre(s)
    Phos Community Church » Church
    Phos Community Church gathers at 4200 Centerfield Dr., Crestwood KY at 9:30 & 11 on Sunday mornings. We understand that people are the church and not the building. Everyone is welcome to join us in our mission to "Grow BIG People" as we "Love God, Love People, and Expand the Neighborhood."
  • UnitedEasley
    1 Membre(s)
    UnitedEasley » Church
  • Overland Park Baptist
    1 Membre(s)
    Overland Park Baptist » Church
    Overland Park Baptist
  • L1FE
    1 Membre(s)
    L1FE » Church
  • Ironmen27:17
    2 Membre(s)
    Ironmen27:17 » Small Group
    Mens group trying to sharpen each other in our Christian walk
  • Brokeness
    1 Membre(s)
    Brokeness » Church
  • Thuis
    1 Membre(s)
    Thuis » Other
  • Start Baptist Church
    1 Membre(s)
    Start Baptist Church » Church
    Start Baptist Church
  • IRONMEN - Men’s Ministry
    1 Membre(s)
    IRONMEN - Men’s Ministry » Church
    IRONMEN - Men’s Ministry
  • Sienna Ranch Baptist Church
    1 Membre(s)
    Sienna Ranch Baptist Church » Church
    Sienna Ranch Baptist Church 9119 Sienna Ranch Rd Missouri City, TX 77459
  • Among The Few
    1 Membre(s)
    Among The Few » Church
    Among The Few
  • Central Church
    1 Membre(s)
    Central Church » Church
    Central Church
  • Central
    1 Membre(s)
    Central » Church
  • Legacy Christian Church
    1 Membre(s)
    Legacy Christian Church » Church
    Changed Lives Changing the World
  • Broadcast Movement
    1 Membre(s)
    Broadcast Movement » Church
    Broadcast Movement
  • DNOW Leaders
    1 Membre(s)
    DNOW Leaders » Church
    DNOW Leaders
  • Ladies of Legacy AM
    1 Membre(s)
    Ladies of Legacy AM » Small Group
    LOL AM is a great time for women to get together to study the Bible, serve our community, and pray for one another. LOL AM studies God’s Word through either topical or book studies in order to deepen their relationship with God and each other. It is a safe place to share your trials and triumphs as they devote time in each meeting for prayer. The discussions are specifically geared towards women of all ages and life stages and are beneficial to everyday life. At LOL AM, you can sit back with a cup of tea or coffee, fellowship with other ladies, and spend time in the Word.
  • The Link
    1 Membre(s)
    The Link » Church
    The Link
  • Denver Community Church
    1 Membre(s)
    Denver Community Church » Church
    Denver Community Church
  • VIPM Church
    1 Membre(s)
    VIPM Church » Church
    VIPM Church